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Welcome to BearBerry day spa and retreat, where we pamper you! BearBerry day spa and retreat is a local spa catering to Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, and Innisfail areas. Spare a day for yourself and we will cater to all your beauty needs with exceptionally satisfying services that will make you feel extra fresh and relaxed. We will provide you with everything related to beauty including hair care, nails, make-up, skin care and body, face and feet massages all in one place with quality products. We specialize in many fields and have a high customer satisfaction rating. Our services are provided for the whole family with various services tending to their needs. The vision of the owner was to provide customers with highly professional services and friendly beauticians to achieve perfection and excellence.

About The Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat

THE BEARBERRY DAY SPA AND RETREAT started out as a desire to help people. I believe that this concept was Divinely given a long time ago but it wasn’t until recently that the vision could be realized. The Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat is a full day spa and hair care salon. Our approach stands apart from all the rest. We know that there is a strong connection between how people look and feel. Our goal is to work with all people in order to facilitate each persons connection with the mind, body and spirit.

When you visit The Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat you will enter a warm and friendly environment. Our caring staff and holistic approach helps to create this most special environment.

Our philosophy in practice is adapted from Dr. Ben Johnson, MD who promotes addressing the internal imbalance that leads to many conditions in the first place. He says, “Before we invest another dollar in improving our skin from the outside in, we must look long and hard at whether the cost of today’s radiance is worth more aggravation tomorrow.” Adopting this more holistic approach to skin health recognizes that disturbances of the skin reflect imbalances in the whole body. These disturbances can be seen on the scalp, on the face and even other parts of the body. The skin is a remarkable and wondrous organ.

If you have been searching for more than just an in and out day spa service and are in need of a holistic experience, come see our professional staff for all of your Spa and Salon needs.


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Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat, Olds

#9-4908-50 Avenue

Olds, Alberta T4H-1P5

Email: info@thebearberrydayspaandretreat.com

Tel (403) 556.2522